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  Push & Pull Click here for lyrics.
1 Way, Way Kooler An R & B groover with twin Les Pauls carrying the melodies. Taking-off from a tune entitled Way Cool from Rik’s Swing Shift CD of 1998.
2 Why Baby The lead single, with a vocal by Rik. Smooth jazzing on a turn- table lyric. Great feel from drummer Mike Churchill.
3 Deeper Kind of Blue Two Les Pauls deliver the instrumental version of this melodic ballad, with respect to Jeff Beck. Some terrific keyboard stuff from Don Breithaupt.
4 Only Time Will Tell Dave’s heartfelt lead vocal debut: Rik’s lyrics return to one of his traditional themes, and Dave set the melody with an elegant simplicity.
5 52 Pickup A riff, a bopping Latin groove (kudos to drummer Mike Shotton), a catchy chorus. A lot of electric fun.
6 Miracle of Love Reggae underscores Rik singing a feel-good story, as Dave plays some earthy slide.
7 And The River Still Runs The familiar heart & soul territory of an acoustic duet by the Troubs: a follow-up to “Dos Arroyos” from the first album.
8 Declaration Dave had the verse of the song working as a demo: Rik contributed a chorus that declared the creativity quite liberating. The song got big. Unmistakable contribution from Katalin Kiss on BG’s.
9 Red Hot The Troubs doing what they do – beating up their acoustics with a mash-up of styles. Definitely not ‘commercial’, but a good justification for the making of indie recordings.
10 Deeper Kind of Blue (p.s.) Dave suggested to Rik that, if the instrumental tune had a lyric and a tender vocal, it might make a great p.s. for the CD – in the same way that “Suitcase Blues’ had graced the Triumph “Just a Game” album back in 1979, and had become a Troubs concert staple as the encore closer.


  Hopefully, some new Troubs concert traditions will be established by these new songs.